Nursery furniture

Nursery furniture should be solid, rounded, and easy to clean

When you buy or make furniture for a nursery, think about spatial needs and practicalities. Try to avoid furniture made of MDF – use pine or solid wood furniture. You don’t need to buy new furniture – just paint old pine chest of draws or cabinets with toxic-free paint. Later, when your baby grows into a toddler and young child – just repaint the furniture with a different color-scheme. Make sure that your baby will not be able to pull out the draws and open the doors easily. Also, provide plenty of storage for future toys – chests, boxed, hampers


Nursery color scheme

Avoid the cliché colors of baby pink and blue – babies see them as gray!

Babies prefer strong, contrasting colors. Try to use primary colors of red, blue, yellow – or secondary colors of purple, orange and green. Choose three of these colors - paint the walls in two different shades and use the third color as the accent color on accessories, soft furnishing and furniture. Be creative and bold with your color scheme , but don’t make the room look like a painting store!


Nursery Design

Design a nursery for your child – not for yourself!

This is the place where you can get imaginative and playful, but remember that a nursery has to be practical and safe too. Before you plan your baby’s room, get down to the floor and view the room from your baby’s perspective. Make sure you use natural material, such as wood, linen, cotton and toxic-free paints and varnishes. Think about storage - babies only need space to sleep for a few months, then they’ll need space to play and to store their toys!


Nursery lighting

Most babies don’t like sleeping in the dark.

When you decorate your baby’s room, think about lighting. Provide lamps and low lighting that don’t disturb their eyes (nor yours!). Use creative lighting systems, such as light displays on the walls, mobiles that lit up at night, fairy light around the window frame or furniture, stars and paints that sparkle during the night. Also, plug a night-light into a socket in the room.


nursery themes

Choosing a theme for the nursery

Babies are more interested in shapes and colors than stories & tales. So base your decor theme on nature & animals rather than story characters. Interesting themes can be the ocean, the jungle, the garden, the farm, the seasons, day & night etc. Make sure your decor is flexible - your baby, as a toddler, might be bored by or just not like your chosen theme!

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