Working hours

Always try to do plumbing work in the morning.

If you need anything - the shops will be open!


Frozen pipes

If your pipes are frozen don't use a blow-torch!

Just a hair-dryer can often do the trick or try putting a hot water bottle against the pipe.


Longer Lasting O-Rings

To make new O-rings last much longer just lubricate them with petroleum jelly (vaseline).

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Slow Loo

If the cistern is filling very slowly, check it has the right inlet valve.

Sometimes a high pressure valve is fitted to a low pressure system. If there's another one still attached to the ball valve and it has a bigger hole, just swap them.


Blocked sink

If the water drains slowly in your sink it means a blockage has formed somewhere in the pipes. Pour some caustic soda down the plughole following the instructions

If this doesn’t work, you should use a plunger. Block the sink overflow with a piece of cloth or waterproof tape. Have at least two inches of water in the sink then push the plunger up and down over the plughole until it clears.rnIf this doesn’t work, you’ll have to take off the trap (the bendy thing underneath) and clean it together with the waste pipe.rnTo prevent blockages pour diluted caustic soda down the plughole once a month.

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