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July 18, 2009

Area Rugs

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Area rugs

As I discussed in my previous article, carpet flooring is not the most sensible solution for areas of heavy traffic; where food & drink is consumed; or where children play.

It’s much more sensible to have wooden floors or laminates, and spice these up with an area rug. There are thousand rugs to choose from – some are cheap and cheerful (ideal for kids and teens!), some are durable and affordable ( ideal for living rooms and bedrooms), some are expensive & glamorous ( ideal for formal rooms).  Of course you can also get trendy or timeless rugs, depending on what sort of style you’re after..

The following links will hopefully help you in choosing the right rug to achieve a certain look and style. I’m also including a few tips as to where to get the right rug at a discount price!

The Traditional Look

For an elegant style choose a traditional rug such as a Persian rug or an Oriental rug. Make sure that the patterns don’t overwhelm your room and that the colors of your furnishing correspond with the detailed colors of your rug. Read more about how to choose and where to get a traditional rug.

The Oriental Look

To create an oriental theme you can add an Oriental rug or natural rug (such as sisal, seagrass, jute, bamboo or even a paper rug). If you’re using a rug with a detailed pattern, you should makes sure it fits with your furniture – use simple items made of teak or ebony. Read more about Oriental Decoration.

The Contemporary Look

The choice is endless when it comes to how best to complement the modern interior. Just add a modern rug, or a simple, neutral wool area rug that does not overpower the overall theme. If you want a Contemporary rug, go for a cotton shag rug, a wool braided rug or to be very trendy, a stylish leather rug!

The Natural look

Sisal, seagrass and jute rugs are the perfect choice if you want to create a natural or ethnic style. Actually, most natural rugs suit the timeless interior and complement almost all interior design styles. These natural materials are strong and durable and ideal for areas of heavy use. Of course the nicest rugs to walk on are made of silk or wool – but they do normally come with a price tag!

The Retro Look

The Shag Rug and shag-pile carpet used to be one of the most important elements of the 60’s interior style. They are now back in fashion! Natural Shag is not the easiest to clean, so you’d be better off getting a rug rather than carpeting the whole house. Alternatively you can choose a rug made of synthetic or acrylic materials – these are mostly machine washable. The most luxurious of the shag rugs is the Flokati rug. You might consider the contemporary versions which are made from cotton jersey, leather or Faux Fur. To create a funky retro look you could also try a braided area rug – a round or oval shape with bold colors would very much go with the retro look.

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