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May 19, 2005

DIY & Home Makeover TV shows

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During the last decade DIY home improvement shows, interior design makeovers and relocating & property developing programmes have been flooding our TV sets. We either love them or hate them – but either way, they have affected our lives and our perception of home improvement & decoration. Most of us want to live in magazine-style homes and we think we can achieve this with just a little imagination and small amount of money.  Apparently, these days, ‘everybody is an interior designer.’ Most of us are confident that we are able to design, decorate, renovate and develop properties – with little experience or knowledge  – within a short period of time..

April 3, 2005


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It seems that minimalism has had its day. At the end of the 90’s most of us wanted to chuck out our chintz and live a modern “minimalist” lifestyle. However minimalism doesn’t seem to fit within our current culture that encourages maximalism (otherwise called consumerism). Also, the media and the Home Improvement market has totally misinterpreted minimalism and turned it into cheap, shallow nothingness. No wonder so many people now want colour, texture and things..

So what is proper minimalism?

April 1, 2005

Home Interior Design

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Interior Design in our Home

Interior design is the new fashion statement. Not only have the DIY & Home Improvement Stores zoomed into selling us an ideal lifestyle, but most fashion houses have also launched their own homeware products. So we have a wide range of choice of affordable stuff that we want but don’t really need. Our television is full of DIY makeover, renovation, build-your-own-house programmes that give us the illusion that we can do anything quickly, cheaply and effectively. Dozens of magazines make us envious of beautiful spaces. We want better and more. Despite endless choices, images and styles the result is that our trendy and fashionable interiors are themed and look alike. And they are rather soulless. So interior design has been transformed by the Macdonaldisation phenomenon. Individualism and taste got replaced by commercialism and sheep mentality..

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