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November 4, 2005

Christmas Decorating

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Christmas Home Decorating: ideas for themes

Although the festivities are still some weeks away, it is time to start thinking about decorating your home for Christmas. The most important element to consider is the decor theme, based on which you will be decorating the Christmas tree, the dining table, the windows etc.

Choosing the right Christmas decorating theme

Try not to follow the cliches. Think about a theme relating to winter or the holidays – and abstract it. Take inspiration from nature rather than overused commercialised ideas. Translate your theme into colors, textures, shapes & smells and make sure your decoration scheme is based on these. Don’t just buy all your decoration; try to make as much as possible yourself. If you have years of bits & pieces piling up in boxes – you don’t have to use everything just because you have them. Choose the ones that fit within your chosen theme or can be adapted with a little effort. Then add some newly purchased and self-made details. In this series of articles I’ll write about how to make your own Christmas decoration, but in the meantime let’s look at a few decorating themes that should start your imagination ticking…


Color: red, green, brown, gold,
Material: dried twigs, cones, fruits, wood, wool, sheepskin,
Shape: natural
Smell: winter berries, burnt orange, cinnamon, clove, mulled wine

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Themes: Lapland, Santa & Friends, Fairies & angles, nativity
Materials: plastic, fibreglass, feather
Shapes: fairytale & fable characters
Smell: pine, nuts, winter fruits

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Timeless elegance

Color: pink, mauve, ivory, black, red, silver
Material: pearl, silk, satin, metal, mirror, glass
Shape: square, diamond,
Smell: jasmine, rose, vanilla, chocolate

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White Christmas

Color: white, silver, ice blue
Texture: fluffy, wool, frosted glass, feather
Shape: circle, crystal
Smell: snow, ocean, linen, vanilla

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Winter wonderland

Colors: white, brown, grey
Materials: wood, stone twigs, cones, fruits, wood, wool, sheepskin
Shape: anything natural
Smell: woodland, berries, snow, frost

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Starry nights

Color: transparent, semi-transparent, black, silver
Material: plastic, glass, silk, metal
Shape: cone, spike, stars
Smell: pine needles, acorns,

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Designer chic

Colors: black & one other color
Material: plastic, glass, metal
Shape: retro rounded, circle, geometrical
Smell: green tea, stone, bamboo

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When you’ve decided on your theme, you’re ready to get down to the details. Make sure that you base your theme on a maximum  of three elements – i.e. three colors, three materials, three smells. Try to create a decorating scheme that can be either re-used or adapted in the future. Remember – whatever your chosen scheme might be, you’ll need a Christmas tree, lights and candles!

During the next few days I’ll put together a few Christmas decorating ideas for each of the above themes. If you have another idea for a theme please submit it below – I’ll try my best to elaborate further on how to achieve the look you want. Visit our forum for Christmas decorating tips.

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