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November 18, 2005

DIY Christmas Decor

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Make your own Christmas decor!

Christmas is only a month away – this seems a long time to think ahead, yet you could save a lot of hassle if you start to think about your Christmas decor, your parties, gifts & present. Avoid the usual nightmare before Christmas by planning ahead and getting organised..

First decide on a decorating theme. We have put together some ideas for several Christmas decoration themes. Then look around for more in stores and on the net. It’s very tempting to buy new bits and pieces, gorgeous garlands and wreaths – but try to make them yourself or refresh your existing ones! Here are a few tips:


Decorate existing baubles with trims and glitter; or stencil them with metallic paint and glitter glue; or glue ribbons, tiny crystal stones, silver petals, pearl shells, feathers, fluffy materials onto them. You can also stick removable stickers on them – next year you can have a different theme!  Make new baubles from tennis and ping-pong balls, papier-mache, chocolate, candies etc. Wrap these with metallic paper or satin and velvet pieces. For an elegant or designer look, take some match-boxes and wrap them with silk or feather and velvet ribbons. For the Winter Wonderland look, hang edible fruits, dried fruits, burnt orange rings and cinnamon sticks on your tree. Baubles are not just for the Christmas tree – you can make installations by hanging them from the ceiling, picture rails and/or curtain poles. Hang them on metallic thread or fishing line if you want them to appear to be floating in space. Fill your fruit bowl or other glass bowls and containers with baubles and display these around your home. 


Don’t spend a fortune on expensive festive candles! Just buy some cheap church candles and put these in simple glass containers. Thread beads onto a wire and twist the wire every inch or so to secure the beads. Then wrap the beaded wire around the candle and trim off any excess wire. Alternatively, stencil (or stick) some motifs on the container – according to your chosen theme.  Buy some scented tealights and put these in tea light holders – depending on your theme, these can be star shaped, silver, coloured glass, clear glass, terracotta, wooden, stone, pearly etc. You can transform any existing tea light holder by sticking on a few feathers, ivy leaves, berries or glass drops; or by spraying them with removable frosty or metallic paint.  Candles can also be piled up in unused fireplaces or on the mantelpiece – make sure you use different sized chunky candles! You can combine these with some acorns, baubles, glass drops or nuts (depending on your theme)

Do remember to be cautious with candles – they can cause fire and can burn your kids’ fingers!

Read the next article as to how to make your own wreaths & Garlands or read about decorating the Christmas table & the home.

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