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April 1, 2005

Home Interior Design

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Interior Design in our Home

Interior design is the new fashion statement. Not only have the DIY & Home Improvement Stores zoomed into selling us an ideal lifestyle, but most fashion houses have also launched their own homeware products. So we have a wide range of choice of affordable stuff that we want but don’t really need. Our television is full of DIY makeover, renovation, build-your-own-house programmes that give us the illusion that we can do anything quickly, cheaply and effectively. Dozens of magazines make us envious of beautiful spaces. We want better and more. Despite endless choices, images and styles the result is that our trendy and fashionable interiors are themed and look alike. And they are rather soulless. So interior design has been transformed by the Macdonaldisation phenomenon. Individualism and taste got replaced by commercialism and sheep mentality..

Why has this happened? Given that the market is so full of choices – it is easier than ever to have spatial individuality. On the one hand our minds are overloaded with images of war, suffering and fear on every level, on the other hand we are over stimulated with images of products to need, to want, to buy. Not to mention the breakdown of traditional values, such as marriage, life-time friendships, lifetime jobs. So in this pressured world our homes are more precious to us than ever before. Our home is our physical and emotional castle – a place that is no longer just a shelter & hub of family life, but the only real space where we can be, we can feel and we can truly express our personality. So why don’t we do just that? Why do we copy magazines and TV programmes? What has happened to our individualism? What has happened to our taste and style?

Also, whilst the DIY Market is blooming – we seem to make less and less things. Why don’t we make things anymore? Is it just easier to buy things than make them? Or is it to do with time? The same excuses we use for not cooking fresh food any more.

These are the questions and issues that I’d like to investigate under this section. I’ll be writing about my own thoughts on design, style and society. Why don’t you comment on any of these articles – hopefully together we’ll find some answers. If you need an interior design tip, why don’t you check out the DIY Together forums?

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