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February 10, 2006

Romantic Valentine’s Day decorating

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Only four days to go until Valentine’s day.

Have you decided on how to surprise your loved one? emoticon

Apparently staying in is the new going out. Instead of taking him/her out for dinner or a romantic night in a hotel, why don’t you decorate his or her home and stay in for a romantic evening?

Dressing up your interior for the occasion should not take much time, effort or money.
Decide on a theme and let your imagination go wild. I’ve already suggested a couple of suitable themes   – traditional & trendy – in the previous articles, please click on the hyperlinks to read them..

The third theme you could think about is the romantic style. However, this doesn’t mean overdoing things – schmaltzy & chintzy are not romantic.

Romantic decoration means understated elegance. So think about graceful objects and subtle colors.


The most suitable colors for this theme are pale – ivory, powder pink, peach, off-white and even white. Make displays in glass, white porcelain or shells – use glass beads, pearls and candles. Put these around your home. Scatter around your bed a few white or pale pink rose petals.


The romantic theme requires lots of fresh flowers. Roses, lilies, snowdrops and anything white & scented will work. Make flower arrangements and remember, Less is More. Single flowers displayed in many separate vases or bowls are more effective than a bouquet in a single vessel. Have a row of them on your mantle, dining table or sideboard. Put a couple of them on your side table in the bedroom.  You can combine flowers with candles & glass drops – but do think about fire safety!


Candlelight is considered to be one of the most romantic decorating tools. Light your home with them – pile lots of different sizes onto a large plate, or in your fireplace. Put tea lights into small containers and place these onto shelves, coffee tables, sideboard, mantel – well, all over the place.  But do make sure they are safely placed – you don’t want to burn the house down on the night of passion! emoticon emoticon

Table Decoration

Continue with the understated theme for your dining table. Use simple yet sophisticated, white or off-white tableware. Add candles and a few pieces of flowers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!emoticon

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