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April 2, 2009

Rubber Flooring

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Rubber Flooring

Rubber floors have been used for years in hospitals, schools and factories because rubber is hard-wearing, practical and easy to clean. Rubber floors are made from polyurethane..

Poured rubber

Poured rubber floors have a seamless finish – they are perfect for a modern interior.However, to install a poured rubber floor is a long procedure and must be done by professionals. It takes about fours days. First the floor is primed, then they pour a base and let it set, then they pour & trowel the rubber mixed with a hardening agent. This layer is about 3-5mm thick. On the last day they varnish it. It can be applied to wood as long it’s a flat, solid surface (such as marine-ply) but it’s far better suited to a concrete base. You can have under-floor heating if you wish.

Rubber tiles

They now come in a huge range of colours. Given that they are durable, hygienic and water-resistant, they are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Rubber is springier than vinyl so it’s a good choice for a children’s playroom or a home gym.

Rubber sheets

Similar to vinyl floors, rubber is now available in big sheets to cut to fit your floor. There are many different colours, patterns and textures to choose from!

To sum up, rubber is a very hygienic, modern, durable material to use for domestic floors. There is one drawback to rubber floors – they need to be re-polished at least once a year.  Before you order your floor or tiles – do get some samples!

For further information about rubber flooring contact Dalsouple in the UK or Flexcofloors in the US.

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  1. On April 15th, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Stone Veneer wrote:

    Thanks for the thorough explanation about it. I’m also planning for a rubber flooring but I am not yet decided which one I’ll go with.

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