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July 13, 2006

Summer sale

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If you’re remodeling your home, or just a room in your home, this is the time to buy things! The Summer sales are on in most home & homeware stores, so start looking for some bargains. If you’re at the beginning of you’re project – think about the final picture. It’s not easy, but if you have a project plan, everything should work out fine.

If you can’t afford to remodel, or don’t have the inclination or time, adding a few carefully selected, items can do wonders. The Summer sales provide excellent opportunities to refresh our homes – for only a little money you can buy accessories that can really update your home. These are some of the items you should look for:..

Candlesticks & Candelabra

They are very trendy right now – particularly the classic shapes made of clear glass or plastic. These will work in a romantic, traditional or chic interior. If you’re home is rustic or natural, look for some pebble or stone tea lights and wooden candle holders. Add scented candles.  You can also make your own candles, here you can read how.

Throws and Cushions

It’s amazing what a transformation these can make! A worn-out couch or sofa can instantly have a wow factor when covered up with the right throw. Your bedroom can also be uplifted with a luxurious throw over your bed. When you buy a throw, make sure that is machine washable! Add sensual cushions to complement armchairs, sofas and beds. The current trend in textiles is for velvet, silk and satin – cushions have retro patterns (flowers / geometric shapes) or Japanese inspired motifs of birds, cherry trees and bamboos. Make sure the colors complement the overall color scheme of your room!


Mirror, glass and plastic are The materials of current design trends. Look for mirrored picture frames; plastic or glass lamp bases; colored glass vases and bowls. Buy a couple of retro items – but don’t go overboard, the retro look will not last much longer – interior design is looking further back in history for inspiration: to the glamorous era of the 30’s and to the extravagance of the baroque. As an alternative style, the eco-friendly natural look is also prominent – so look for items made of wicker, bamboo, wood and stone if this is your desired look. Read more about wabi-sabi, the current design trend.


You might find a piece of furniture you just adore and it’s bargain. Only buy it if it fits with the rest of your décor – it doesn’t have to match exactly, but a mish-mash of furnishings look dreadful. So think carefully about the piece in relation to your home, – don’t let the price blur your mind (I know, it’s not easy!!!). When you buy furniture, unlike cushions and throws, it is to last for a few years. So it’s best to buy timeless & neutral pieces that will work with most interior styles.

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