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November 10, 2005

Winter wonderland

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Winter wonderland :: Christmas decorating theme

The winter wonderland theme is inspired by nature – the bare forest, the icy lake, the snowy mountains and the frosty weather. Although it’s quite similar to the white Christmas decorating theme, they are different in their essence as this theme not only derives from nature and the season – it is created of things found there. It is about being part of nature by bringing inside simple, natural objects. Decoration is made of bits and pieces found in the forest, combined with some winter fruits, and other natural objects..


It’s a theme for those who love nature and winter. It suits country homes, log cabins, mountain lodges, alpine chalets, Scandinavian rustic interiors, eco-friendly homes, shabby-chic and eclectic styles.

The look

The winter wonderland theme is not a contrived or designed kind of scheme – it’s a celebration of  nature’s simplicity, irregularity and purity. So it’s more of a feel than a look –  an organic process of collecting and crafting natural objects. Twigs, stones, berries, acorns, cones, nuts, seeds, leaves and grasses are put together to create the decoration. Mass produced or machine made items are not appropriate. Textures are uneven & raw; shapes are organic & irregular; textiles are natural & handmade.  The color scheme is natural and neutral – earthy brown, stone gray, berry red, burnt orange and forest green are the basic colours. See illustrations.

Get the look

Make wreaths and garlands out of birch twigs, pinecones, seed pods, dried fruits & leaves etc. Dress your home with these – the fireplace, the mantelpiece, mirrors, doors, windows etc. You can also wrap these around large bowls of died fruits & winter spices, candleholders, vases and plates. Pile pinecones, hazelnuts and acorns into your fireplace (if you’re not burning wood) or in large wooden bowls. Add some tealights or organic candles. Use real ship-skin, suede, wool & fur cushions and throws to add to the cosy feel.

The Christmas tree

You must have a real tree – preferably in a pot so that you can later plant it in your garden. Alternatively, if you have a pine tree in your garden, just dress it outside and have some pine tree branches or birch tree twigs inside in a large vase or pot. Decorate these with berries, stones, acorns & edible nuts and other natural objects. Make some chocolate balls or festive cookies and hang these on your tree (or twigs). Hang candles and sparkles on your tree instead of artificial lights – but be careful of the fire risk. See illustrations.

The Christmas table

Your Christmas table should have a natural linen tablecloth or runner with bamboo or Hessian placemats, linen napkins with wooden rings, decorated with berries, baked orange rings, cinnamon sticks, ivy leaves etc. Make a long central piece on a wooden tray – place fresh pine branches across it then tuck in some candles, forest berries, acorns, fruits, nuts, chocolate etc.

Christmas lighting

Nothing beats the natural beauty & cosy feel of a burning fire – so if you have a fireplace, light it up. Add a few candles, oil lamps or lanterns around your home to complete the look. Try to use organic, handmade candles – in ceramic pots or on wooden trays. Hand-carved stone or hardwood tealight holders are also suitable.

Outdoor Decor

Be as natural as possible – hang a simple twig wreath on the door, decorate a tree with some dried fruits and nuts. Light candles along the pathway to your entrance.

The winter wonderland theme can be easily adopted to suit the traditional Christmas theme. Read more about other Christmas decoration themes.

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