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September 14, 2009

Kitchen Decor

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Having thought through your design you must consider the kitchen decor – i.e. the style, the color scheme, the furnishing. You should always opt for a style that goes with the rest of your interior. Many people make the mistake of putting an overtly high-tech kitchen into a cottage or a rustically decorated home. This is wrong.  If your home is decorated in country style – your kitchen should also fit in with this decor. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have modern kitchen appliances or you have to have cheesy furnishing – there is always a contemporary take on the "country style". Or choose the timeless Shaker style that seems to fit most interior decorating styles..

September 9, 2009

Small Kitchen remodeling

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Small kitchen remodeling

I have talked about the basic principles of kitchen design and the factors that determine the final result – just to remind you: budget, space & time. However, when you have a small kitchen, remodeling is mainly space determined, which means you have to be clever with design.

Small kitchens are actually more time-consuming than big kitchens -not just on a conceptual level – but on a practical level too. Everything has to match, fit and work out spatially – whilst bigger layouts are more forgiving of mistakes and inaccuracies..

August 18, 2009

Kitchen remodeling

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Kitchen remodeling:: tips & ideas

When you decide to remodel your kitchen, the three most important elements you should consider are space, time & budget. Only having thought about these should you start thinking about style & d?cor. So don’t get the brochures just yet – first examine these issues. The three elements are correlated but let’s examine them separately – staring with the last..

August 10, 2009

Decorating Kids Rooms

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Decorating kids rooms

I’ve written many times before about the basic rules of successful interior design – but when it comes to decorating a child’s room, it’s another ball-park. This is the place where you can let your creativity go wild and experimental. This is the room for themes, colors and extremes..

July 30, 2009

Eco-Friendly Home

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The Eco-Friendly home

How to be eco-friendly

Most of us now accept that we are facing climate change and global warming.  We can have the cynical approach of not doing anything about it because, whatever we do, China and India will nullify its effect – or we can each do our little bit and hope that these bits add to an overall impact.  For this, the best place to start is in our homes..

May 28, 2009

Oriental Decoration

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Oriental decoration

Oriental decoration has been fascinating the western world for centuries. Most design movements have been inspired or influenced by them – from the Victorians to Art Deco, from Arts & Crafts to Retro…

The current trend of interior design and decoration is to be eclectic – mixing different styles and artefacts from various cultures and traditions. Oriental elements can thus be successfully used in this contemporary interior design movement..

May 22, 2009

Nursery Decoration

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Nursery Decoration

Many parents make a very basic mistake when it comes to decorating a nursery: they create a baby-blue theme for a boy and baby-pink room for a girl. The problem is, babies do not see these colours properly – they see them as grey..

So imagine yourself being put into a boring grey environment. Would you like it?  I don’t think so.

Babies actually love strong, contrasting colours and shapes because these stimulate their minds and help develop their vision. They seem to respond better to pure colours rather than subtle colors or pastel shades. They love  rich blue, green, yellow and red – why do you think the big toy manufacturers such as Lego use these colors on their toys?

May 14, 2009

Decorating Small Spaces

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Decorating Small Spaces

More and more of us are moving to cities and of course there is less and less space for us to inhabit. Apartments and houses get split into small properties – whilst newly built housing provides smaller homes than ever before. This is all happening in an era when we are constantly encouraged to shop, shop, shop… So where do put all our junk, gadgets and must-have items???? Decorating small spaces is a challenge and can cause quite a headache. However if you follow some of these basic rules, you should be OK.

May 9, 2009

Decorating Teen Bedroom

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Decorating Ideas for Teen Bedrooms

So your children have become teenagers. They want their own space, their own style, their own identity. Their room needs to be redecorated..

Teenagers, more than ever before, are pressured by their pear group – they want the same things they friends have or what they see on TV or in a magazine. They think they have their own taste and style – in fact their ideas of the world, their likes and preferences are still in flux (if not in turmoil!) influenced by their friends, family, culture and the media.

May 1, 2009

Decorating with Color -3

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Part 3: Colors & the practicalities

As you’ve read in the previous articles, decorating with color is not just about going to a store and choosing your desired color from a swatch. Colors affect us mentally, physically and psychologically. The same color can make some people relaxed others restless. Furthermore, different tones of the same color can affect us differently. In fact, according to research, it’s the tone rather than the hue of a color that primarily affect our mental and psychological being. So if you choose the wrong tone of your favourite color, it can make you feel just as sad and edgy as your most hated color. This is why you should not copy color schemes from magazines and TV shows!..

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