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February 20, 2006

Identifying Electricity Supply

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3 – Electricity

In the UK, most homes are supplied with electricity via cables either underground or overhead. This connects to a sealed terminal box located inside of your home, from which two cables run to an electricity meter and two cables run to the consumer unit.  The consumer unit is often located under the staircase, in the hallway or in the garage – it distributes electricity in your home.

Most consumer units include MCB’s  (miniature circuit breakers) that automatically switch off in case of faults or colour-coded fuses that enables you to locate them and switch off the power to a specific circuit..

May 5, 2005

New regulations re Electrical DIY

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On the 1st Jan this year new UK building regulations were introduced regarding electrical work carried out in the home. The aim of these rules is to protect people from cowboy builders and bad electrical workmanship – also to limit electrical DIY work done by amateurs. Those who don’t comply with the new regulation could be prosecuted and fined up to £5000. There are also implications as to insurance should anything happen to you or your home..

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