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April 27, 2009

Setting stepping stones

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In the previous article you read about how to cast your own stepping stones. Remember, you should leave them aside for a couple of days to set completely before you can lay them along your pathway.

As I said before, stepping stones are less obtrusive, easier and cheaper to lay than solid pathways. They are particularly suitable for long paths and as focal points. You can be imaginative with shapes and styles – the flexibility of concrete provides creative freedom..

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to make your own stepping stones, you can always buy them at garden stores. Either way, you then position & set them as per below:

April 20, 2009

Casting stepping stones

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Stepping stones can be less obtrusive and more interesting than solid pathways. Not to mention that they are much cheaper to lay – particularly if you want to create a long path to somewhere. So instead of laying a solid pathway, just set a few stepping stones along the track.  
Why don’t you make these stepping stones even more interesting by making them yourself? It’s simple and easy – you just need a mould & some concrete. Concrete is cheap, easy to mix and very durable. However, it’s quite heavy so don’t make large pieces..

You need:

  • Kitchen knife

May 9, 2005

Urban Gardens

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I went to the Urban Gardens show in London yesterday  – it was quite disappointing. Not enough plants and not enough new ideas..

Firstly a ticket cost £14.00 or £10 if you booked in advance. Normally when you’re charged for a ticket to an exhibition, you get a good discount on the products, so paying for an entrance ticket is well worth it. Not so in this case. The plants cost the same (if not more) than in a garden centre and there was not a particularly wide selection of them. In fact most exhibitors had the same plants on their stands – bamboos, acers, ferns and topiary. There was only one stand selling gardening tools, which cost much more than in a DIY store or online. Furniture and garden features had price tags affordable only by the very rich – or the very stupid.

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