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September 10, 2008

Tips for fall

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fallSummer is over so although we may still enjoy some sunshine, we’d better start preparing for fall (or autumn for the Brits) and winter for that matter! Here are a few tips and ideas.. 

  • Get a notebook or just a piece of paper and take a good look around your home – note down things that need to be repaired, redecorated or changed. Make sure that important issues such as radiator leaks, plumbing problems get sorted out before the really cold weather sets in.
  • If you need to do any redecoration work around your home – do it now, particularly if it’s varnishing or painting floors, woodwork or work-surfaces as the fumes created mean you need to do these tasks with the windows open.
  • Do a good “fall-clean”. Clean the windows and external woodwork; get rid of unwanted or unused junk; clear any clutter; reorganise your wardrobe for the winter; etc. Try to use natural cleaning agents – these are not only environmental friendly but are better for your health too! Have the windows open for many hours a day to let in fresh air (and good chi).
  • Freshen up your home – go for long walks in the woods – collect leaves, twigs and pinecones. Dry out fruits, forest berries and leaves. All of these can be used for fall decorations and to make Christmas decorative ornaments. Adjust your home décor with a few fall elements – throws, cushions, linen, candles etc. More about fall decorations>>
  • Start thinking about Halloween and Thanksgiving – here are a few ideas re decorating for Halloween. As to Thanksgiving, start planning your menu, the dining table deco and your home deco. More ideas for these will follow soon …
  • If you have a garden, it also needs to be prepared for the winter – cut back bushes and perennials; clear the fallen leaves (use them for compost); move exotic plants and herbs inside; dig out overgrown or dead plants; plant new autumn plants. Finish off with a good layer of mulch. Some plants in pots need to be covered with bubble-wrap over the winter months – prepare them before the first frost sets in! Put away tools, toys and furniture.
  • During fall the days are slowly getting shorter and greyer, which means that we’re all more tired and moody – so make sure you eat healthy, nutritious food and spend at least half an hour a day exercising (cleaning and DIY are excellent exercises).

 Good Luck!

    2 Responses to “Tips for fall”

  1. On September 11th, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    Nancy wrote:

    Great ideas, I’ve just started to do the garden and some re-decorating around the house.

  2. On September 26th, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    Felicia D. wrote:

    I love your blog. It seems to touch all the nesting interests I have. Today’s style incorporates the modern with the classic antique. I had gotten to the point where I had so many antique items in my home that people thought that a little old lady lived there. I’ve started to weed out the lesser antiques and the stogey traditional stuff and combine the fancier French stuff with the slick modern designer objects. I’m excited about going to shop in Europe this winter. I found a group trip for budgeted people like me. Take a look at thier website if you can. It’s Can you give me any tips on the Paris flea market? Are there any articles about the shopping in Europe in past blogs? Have fun with your decorating. FELICIA

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