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There are some beautiful Designer Rugs that can be purchased online. They tend to be a bit more pricey (and better quality!) than normal area rugs. Before you invest in them, consider the space in which you want to use them, and the style that you wish to achieve or complement.

One of our interior designers has done a search on the net and found the following designer rugs not only to have that extra touch that makes them stand out from the crowd, but they are also still relatively good value.

blooms rug Check out the Andy Warhol range - in particular Simply Andy 557G, 913J, 158Y & 158G. These rugs are simply gorgeous and have a timeless quality about them. They are also stain and fade resistant so you could have them in your living room.
upsilon rug The UPSILON RUG has a striking yet soft geometric design. Ideal for a contemporary room or an art-deco feel. Choose either the Espresso or Beige/Ivory rug. Made of 100% New Zealand wool.
pine rug Another rug that would suit the art-deco style. The Couristan Super-Indo Natural Pine Hills White Rug (3'6'' x 5'6'') is also suitable for a natural theme or an East-West deco infusion.

reto rug For a retro look choose the RHOMBUS RUG - it has bold geometric patterns which can add an instant groovy feel to a room. Made of 100% New Zealand Wool. 
new-country- rug The NEW COUNTRY RUG is ideal for an eclectic interior - where the past meets the present. This rug is fun, soft and vibrant. It's made of stain-resistant derclon and its available in different shapes.
starburst rug The STARBURST RUG is not only beautiful but feels luxurious too! It's a rug that can make an interior feel sleek & trendy yet it would also work within a traditional setting or you can design a space around its colors and patterns.
abstract rug Good design achieves a balance of colors and shapes. The Couristan Visions Passage Pine Needle Area Rug is a rug that has abstract patterns yet it's not too loud. It would complement most contemporary and transitional interiors.
willow rug If you are after something wild, or to provide a focal point, try the WILLOW RUG. You could also use it as wall hanging! Available in a variety of shapes - the round one really has the wow factor!

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