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What is DIY Together about?

The DIY Together site is created for all DIYers who want advice or share their experiences. You can be living anywhere but currently it's in English only. Please go to the ABOUT page and read about the DIY Together services.

Is this site free?

Yes and no. Most services are free of charge. If you want sell something via the DIY market or use the Ask a Designer service you'll need to purchase tokens and use these by way of payment. Read more about tokens below.

Do I have to register to use the DIY Together Services?

You can read & browse all our services without registering. Should you wish to contribute to DIY Network, DIY Tips and DIY Review; or sell or buy items in the DIY market; or ask a qualified designer a question, you'll need to register. If you want to contribute to the DIY Blog, you'll only need to give your email address and choose a nickname and you can start blogging immediately.

Do I need to purchase tokens to use all DIY Together services?

No. Only if you want to sell an item via the DIY Market or if you want to use the Ask a Designer service you need to purchase tokens. The other services don't need tokens - but they do need different levels of registration.

How do I log-in?

Go to the service you want to use. If it requires you to login or register - just follow the instructions.

DIY Network

How do I post a comment?

If you're a first-time user you need to register - when you've chosen a username & password you will be sent an e-mail with an activation link which you just click.

If you're already registered you just login using your password and username. You can then start a topic with your question or add a comment to other people's posts by clicking the "add reply".

How do I use the forums?

Click on the "help" link on the top right corner of the DIY Network pages. You'll find a comprehensive guide as to how use the network.

What subjects can I discuss?

Only DIY Home Improvement related subjects are allowed. You may start a topic in any of the given categories and forums. Please read more about the DIY NETWORK RULES.

Can I post links to other websites?

Only if they are genuine suggestions about good services or suppliers. Advertising is not allowed. We monitor all links and we'll remove them if we think they are in breach of of our rules. Please read the rules about posts in the forums.

Can I post my email address?

No. You may do so via private messaging, but we recommend that you do not give out any personal details about yourself.

Can I upload images?

At the moment we do not allow members to upload images or photos to the forum.

DIY Market

How do I sell an item?

First you need to register and obtain some tokens. Then you can fill out a "card" with the description, an optional picture and the price. Your postcode is used to work out how far you are from potential buyers but it, and your other personal details, are not revealed to the public.

What information do I need to give about the item?

Be as concise and specific as possible.

Can I attach an image with the description?

Yes - one image per card. This image must be in jpeg, png or gif format and should not be too large in size. When you fill your card the maximum size will be indicated.

What items can I sell?

Any DIY, home improvement related items. Please read the terms & conditions for the full list.

I want to buy something what shall I do?

If you like something just click on its card and you'll see more about the object. If you want to buy it, you need to register with us. If you're already a registered member, just log in and follow the instructions. We'll put you in touch with the seller - you then decide about the final price, payment method and delivery charges.

How do I pay for the item I've bought?

Sellers and buyers must agree between themselves regarding the price and payment method for any items bought via the Market.

What are the delivery charges?

All delivery arrangements are made between sellers and buyers.

What is your charge?

We do not charge any commission on sales. We do not charge buyers. Tokens are used to place ads. Tokens must be purchased before cards can be submitted.

How many tokens do ads cost?

Please read the DIY MARKET page regarding costs and any special offers.

What are Todays' Specials?

We put specially selected items for sale in prime positions. They cost more tokens than normal ads. But they are more likely to be viewed by more users.

I bought something - it didn't arrive

All delivery arrangements are made between buyers and sellers. However, we'll be adding a feature to the DIY Market where sellers and buyers will be able to rate each other.

I bought something - it's faulty

We do not guarantee the working order or quality of any items offered or bought through the DIY Together Market, but we'll be adding a feature to the Market where sellers and buyers will be able to rate each other.

I want to sell or buy something - I don't trust this system

The DIY Market is meant to be similar to putting up an ad on the notice-board in your local shop. If you're worried about selling/buying via this venue, make sure you only do so in your local area. This way you can pick-up or deliver your item directly. We do encourage everyone to be cautious when giving out personal details about themselves on the Internet.

Which countries can use the DIY Together Market?

Any country - but all cards have to be filled in English.

Can I buy items from or sell to someone in another country?

Yes, but you must ensure that it's lawful to sell/buy from/to that country, you must check all tax implications, delivery methods and charges.

Please read the full terms &and conditions before you use the DIY MARKET.

DIY Review

Are the reviews accurate?

Reviews and ratings are the subjective opinions of our members. We do not guarantee their accuracy and truthfulness.

I want to recommend an item that is not listed

You may suggest adding items to the appropriate categories but so doing is entirely at our discretion

I disagree with the description given by others.

If you know that a review is maliciously intended or factually inaccurate or intentionally misleading please inform us.

Ask a Designer

How many questions can I ask per question card?

Only one question per card.

What subjects can I ask about?

You can ask any question about Home Decoration & Design. Please read more about the ASK A DESIGNER service.


How do I register?

Go to the service you want to use and if you need to register you'll be asked to. For example, the Your Account page requires you to Log In and/or register.

At which level should I register?

Level 1 is required for the DIY BLOG

Level 2 is required for the DIY Network, DIY Review and DIY Tips

Level1 and level 2 don't require you to provide us with personal details. If you want to buy an item via the DIY Market you need to complete the registration form up to Level 3 and provide us with your full name and address. If you want to sell anything via DIY Market or use the Ask an Expert service you need to register at Level 4 and purchase tokens.

I have registered for The DIY Network - can I also use the DIY Market?

You'll need to upgrade your membership level. You'll be asked to do that when you first use the service.

I haven't received the confirmation of my username & password.

You may have given us the wrong email address. Please email us.

I've forgotten my password!

Click the button on the login page and follow instructions.

I've forgotten my username.

Click the forgot password button on the login page and follow instructions.

How do I change my password?

Click the Your Account link and then the amend my details link.

Can I change my username?


Membership/ Your account

Can I change my details?

Click the Your Account link and then the amend my details link.

Where can I view my outstanding tokens?

Click the Your Account link and follow the instructions

Can I upgrade my membership?

You'll be asked to do that when you first try to use any service above your current level.

Fees, Charges & Tokens

Is there a membership fee?

No, we do not charge for membership.

Are your services free?

Most of the facilities are free of charge and free to public. Charges only apply to the ASK A DESIGNER and DIY MARKET Services. Should you wish to sell an item via the DIY Market, you need to obtain tokens and use these to pay for your ad. We do not charge people who buy items through the DIY Market. The Ask a Designer facility also is paid for in tokens. Please read more about the TOKEN SCHEME.

How do I purchase tokens?

When you've registered, go to the Your Account page and click Get Tokens.

How many tokens do I have to buy?

Minimum one block of tokens i.e. 10

Can I buy more than one block of tokens?


Is there a time limit for using the tokens?

Purchased tokens expire after one year. Special Offer tokens may have a shorter life.

My question isn't here!

Please email us with your enquiry or fill out an enquiry form with your question.


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