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The DIY Together concept

Home improvement is now a big part of our life. For some of us it is a necessity, for others a statement, a passion or a hobby. We live in an insecure world so our homes are more important to us than ever before. It has become our castle - both physically and emotionally. It not only provides shelter and comfort but the place where we can relax, socialise, be ourselves, conduct our life. It's our cave, our sanctuary - our own bit of space. In the homogenised world of taste & style our home is the place where we can truly express our personality.

No wonder that DIY has become so popular and so interesting. We are bombarded with images of beautiful homes, international styles and chic makeovers whilst affordable power tools and modern materials make things achievable faster and easier. The market is full of books, TV programmes, DIY stores - yet we are more confused. Which product shall we get - which tip shall we follow? There are also many, some very good, web sites offering home decorating tips & ideas. Online shopping and sourcing of power tools, appliances, finishes and furnishing is getting better and easier. However, there isn't a site that offers all of these facilities under one roof and in interactive way. DIY Together aims to fill this gap by providing an online venue to help people who like to do things themselves. We are hoping to create a web-place for people to share their problems and ideas, to help each other and to find the best tools, materials and finishes for their projects. Our site will hopefully bring together the DIY community.

DIY Together Services

DIY NETWORK is a discussion board and an interactive venue for networking. Here you can exchange your ideas, methods and experiences. If you have a plumbing problem or need help with your wood working project or need decorating ideas, gardening tips - you can ask for advice re your specific problems and hopefully someone will know the answer. Or just read the ongoing discussions or search the network whether someone has had a similar problem.

DIY MARKET is the online marketplace to sell or buy used power tools, gardening tools, craftsman tools furniture, appliances and other DIY related items. This service is free for buyers and costs very little for those who wish to sell.

DIY REVIEW is a facility allowing members to rate and review power tools, materials, books and services. This is a free service created for and by the DIY community. Members can also submit new products or services for review or recommend unlisted items and services that would benefit the DIY community.

The DIY TIPS pages are full useful advice, trade secrets, home improvement tips and decoration ideas. You can also submit your own tricks and handy tips.

If you can't find the answer to your problem in the above sections or if you're still stuck with your project or you need an interior design solution - you can ASK A DESIGNER. This service allows you to put a question to a qualified interior designer regarding spatial design, home remodeling or interior decoration.

SHOUT IT OUT is the DIY blog for those who are frustrated with their DIY projects, or fed up with services, tradesmen, suppliers or services. This service allows people to write about their problems and experiences in a diary type format.

DIY NEWS points users to the latest articles and information about home & gardening

DIY STORES is a collection of the best online homeware shops, home improvement stores, garden centers, hardware suppliers, furniture shops, builders merchants, lighting suppliers etc

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