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Interior Design Tips for your DIY Projects

Are you stuck with your DIY project? Do you need the opinion or help of a designer? Do you need an interior design tip or decorating idea? Ask one of our fully trained and experienced designers.

How does it work?

Your questions

Currently we only accept questions relating to Interior Decoration and Design. It is our intention to extend this service to Gardening and other specialist areas. Until then please do not submit questions regarding gardening or skilled building work (such as electrical, plumbing, engineering work etc). Our designers cover the following subjects:

Interior Decoration

If you need a home decorating tip (for kitchen, bathroom, living room, kids' room etc) just fill out our QUESTION CARD. Please describe the space, its dimensions, its location and the problem or dilemma you are facing.

Interior Design

If you need any interior design tip regarding spatial solution in your home, such as storage and layout, or expert advice regarding style and design fill out a QUESTION CARD. Please describe the space as clearly as possible.

Interior Staging

If you need to freshen up your property before selling it you can ask for some hints and tips as to how to create a good first impression for potential buyers.

Suppliers & Sourcing

You might need to find a supplier for certain materials, finishes and furnishing. You may be confused as to what material or finishes to use for your project. Our designers will try to put you on the right path. Just fill out a QUESTION CARD with your enquiry!

Our answers

You will receive an answer to your question within 2 working days of its submission. One of our interior designers will suggest a direction or a method for you to follow or outline possible solutions to your problem. They will give you tips and ideas which may include some sketches or diagrams. When appropriate, they will advise you on furnishing, finishes, appliances, suppliers etc. Please note this is not a full interior design service. Our designers will not provide detailed drawings, designs and finishing schedules. They will not design a space or furnishing for you, they will merely give you ideas and tips.


Please do not submit questions that do not relate to interior design or interior decoration - your question will not be answered but tokens may be debited from your account. If you're not sure whether your question is suitable for submission, please email us before you submit it.

Tokens are generally not refundable.

Our designers have degrees in interior design &/or architecture and have experience in areas of domestic, hotel & retail design.

Before you submit a question please read the full terms & conditions regarding the Ask an Expert service, the Token Scheme and the DIY Together site.

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