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Token Scheme

Services requiring tokens

Currently only the DIY Market and Ask an Expert services require tokens.


If you want to sell USED POWER TOOLS, furniture, garden tools or any other DIY Related items online


If you need an INTERIOR DESIGN TIP you can ask one of our qualified interior designers for help

If you wish to use either of these services you need to login or register and OBTAIN TOKENS.


Cost and Payment

For a limited period only tokens are free of charge - so GET YOUR TOKENS NOW!!


We reserve the right to change the number of tokens required for any of our services at any time. Should we decide to do so we will give 30 days notice of this by email to all members holding valid unexpired tokens. Please read the full terms & conditions about the DIY Together Token Scheme. Special offer of free tokens is for a limited period only - one block per household; tokens have to be used within 3 months.

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