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March 18, 2009

Natural Cleaning Products

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If you want to live in a natural home or have allergies / sensitivities to chemical cleaning agents it’s best to use the following products to clean your home. These are versatile and natural yet inexpensive products that can be used alone or mixed with each other to make effective cleaners..

August 17, 2006

Laundry cleaning

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In the previous articles you read about cleaning in a natural way; how to make your own cleaners; how to clean your bathroom and kitchen. This article will give you tips on how to clean your laundry in an eco-friendly way using non-toxic methods.

For recent generations washing machines have made cleaning laundry much easier, yet we seem to be using more and more chemicals to achieve a clean wash. However, using some old-fashioned methods and natural products can reduce the use of detergents and help the environment (and our own health!)..

August 8, 2006

Natural Kitchen Cleaners

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In the previous articles you read about natural cleaning methods & products and how to utilise these to make your own household cleaners.  Then you read about how to use these to clean the bathroom. This article will help you to clean your kitchen naturally and ecologically..

Refrigerator cleaning

Wipe the fridge with a solution of 1 tablespoon of Borax & a litre of warm water. Keep a small open box of bicarbonate of soda in the fridge to avoid odours – change it every couple of months or so (but don’t throw it away, flush it down the drains to help deodorise the pipes).

July 31, 2006

Natural Bathroom cleaning

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In the previous article you read about natural cleaning methods & products and how to create your own remedies. This article will help you to clean your bathroom naturally and ecologically.

Bathroom cleaner

Mix 1 ½ cups of bicarbonate of soda with 1 cup of water, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 1 drop of lavender, lemon or tea tree essential oil. Use this solution as your general detergent..

July 27, 2006

Natural cleaning remedies

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Having read about natural cleaning products, you can now try out the following remedies. If you know of any others, please add them at the bottom in the comments section. You can mix most of these agents in advance and keep them in recycled plastic bottles. They do not last as long as commercial chemical products, so don’t mix too much in advance..

July 20, 2006

Natural Cleaning

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We are getting more aware of the damaging effects of mainstream cleaning products on our health and the environment. More and more of us seem to suffer from environmental allergies or are becoming sensitive to chemical substances. More and more children are getting asthma – apparently mainly as a result of toxic household cleaners. The more we read about the environmental effects of household cleaners the more we want to get rid of them and go green, organic and natural. But how can we clean properly without bleach, anti-bacterial, grease-dissolving, limescale-removing detergents?..

July 7, 2006

Essential cleaning tools

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Housework is certainly not fun but it can be made easier if you have the right cleaning tools and materials. If you’ve just moved into your first home, these are the items you’re most likely to be needing on a regular basis:..

Vacuum cleaner

It is the most effective tool to remove dust. You can use it on floors and furniture. Try to find one with a HEPA filter – this can trap a large amount of small particles that other cleaners just recirculate back into the air.

April 28, 2006

DIY Fixing

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Yet another bank holiday weekend, yet more DIY tasks around the house. But things have to be done, and this is the ideal time to get on with them.

In the previous article you’ve read about the usual spring cleaning tasks. If you haven’t done them yet, perhaps you should start with them – whilst you’re doing the cleaning you’ll notice the things that need to be fixed.

April 24, 2006

Diy cleaning

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The first category of SPRING DIY is cleaning. We have already written about various decorating tips & solutions in order to avoid too much cleaning, but unfortunately our homes still do need a good overall clean once in a while. These are the most common cleaning tasks for the Spring..

Window cleaning

This should be done more than once a year, but window cleaning is an essential part of a thorough spring clean. Clean all your windows and frames – take note of the external paintwork. If the paint is flaky or peeling off, you’ll need to repaint it. Try not to use chemicals – vinegar & water or lemon juice & water clean windows really well.

April 23, 2006

Ready for Spring DIY?

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It’s spring again, and the DIY season has begun. It’s the ideal time to freshen-up our homes, repair household items, fix broken appliances & fittings or redecorate some spaces.

The best way to get everything done by the Summer is to get properly organised. Get a notepad and a pen and look around your home – room by room. Write down the things that need to be cleaned, rearranged, fixed or revamped. Then go outside and inspect the windows, doors, pathways, gates, courtyard or garden. Again, write down what needs to be done..

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