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April 23, 2006

Ready for Spring DIY?

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It’s spring again, and the DIY season has begun. It’s the ideal time to freshen-up our homes, repair household items, fix broken appliances & fittings or redecorate some spaces.

The best way to get everything done by the Summer is to get properly organised. Get a notepad and a pen and look around your home – room by room. Write down the things that need to be cleaned, rearranged, fixed or revamped. Then go outside and inspect the windows, doors, pathways, gates, courtyard or garden. Again, write down what needs to be done..

Then group these tasks into projects-to-do. It’s more efficient to create task-based projects rather than room by room projects. For example, create window-cleaning or window-painting tasks rather than allocating a weekend for cleaning/redecorating the bedroom, then another weekend for the living room and so on.

The most common task-based projects that are needed around an average home can be grouped into 4 categories – cleaning, fixing, decorating & remodeling.  Most of these can be done by ourselves – but some might need to be left to the professionals.

When you’ve decided on your “projects-to-do”, estimate the amount of time you will need to allocate to each of them. Do be realistic -painting 15 windows and 3 doors can not be done over one week-end! (unless you get help from friends and family). Also, allow for extra time between projects – things always take longer than we anticipate. If your project is finished before your deadline, use the extra time as a reward for yourself –  I’d just take the time off and chill out, but if you’re the really industrious type, then just get on with another task on your list. Also make sure that you have all the equipment and materials needed before you start the task – you don’t want to waste time going to suppliers & stores on the days you’ve scheduled for the work to be done.

Make sure you’re not over ambitious – Spring Cleaning & DIY should be done during the Spring.  Don’t allow home improvement projects to spoil your summer – by then you should be relaxing and enjoying the fruit of your hard work.

Also, before you start any DIY job, make sure you you’re covered by proper home insurance! Click here for a home insurance quote!

Read about cleaning, fixing, decorating and remodeling projects that normally need to be done around a house & household on a yearly basis.

Remember the keyword to DIY is being organised!Read more about Spring DIY.


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